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We don't just crunch numbers.


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Acudio Chartered Accountants have been trusted by New Zealand businesses and investors for generations to cover your traditional accounting needs, whilst developing a strong partnership with you. We specialise in offering expert advice to support your unique business and personal wealth situation, to become more profitable and reach its growth potential. Whether you're a small business looking to grow, an investor, or a larger company, the Acudio team will be with you every step of the way.

In addition to traditional accounting services such as tax planning and investment advice, we can guide you through your business and investment lifecycle.  


Do you want to purchase or merge with another company?


Are you intending on buying or selling a commercial property? 

Are you wanting to extract wealth from your business or investment portfolio?

Acudio will help you with the best structure in order to be compliant with current legislation, whilst making it most beneficial to you financially. 

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Acudio's services

Acudio's clients

Acudio specialises in offering expert advice to clients who need more than your generalist accountant offers. You could be a small business or investor going into your next growth phase, or a larger business where your existing accountant or advisor just isn't cutting it. 


Some of our current clients include...

  • Food and beverage manufacturers

  • Commercial property investors

  • Property developers - both commercial and residential

  • Transport and logistics

  • Investors (equities, bonds, funds)

  • Software and technology companies

  • Manufacturers and wholesalers

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Acudio, formerly Mazur & Co, have been our accountants for over 30 years.

In this time as a Building supply and Frame & Truss Company, they have given us and continue to give us great advice, sound knowledge and exceptional service which has helped make our company the success it is today.


I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Bernard and his team, I've always found him to be full of great advice and a huge help. 


Directors of DJ Believe Ltd

We are long-term clients of Acudio and have built a well-established, trusted professional working relationship with the team. We value the open communication and their focus on our business requirements.

Managing Director, Navigation Homes Counties
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