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Measuring business success – it’s more than dollars and cents.

Listed companies will soon have mandatory financial reporting disclosures, but what about small businesses? How can small businesses tap into this to move towards reducing their environmental impact and what are the benefits? Success is, of course, not just dollar profit. Every business has a responsibility to have the least impact possible on the environment. Your current customers will appreciate this effort, as will potential new customers and it’s great to promote the measures you’re taking to reduce your carbon footprint. What is the impact of my business on the environment? How do I measure, and what can I do about it?
  • Procurement – purchase the most environmentally friendly option that you can and buy local if possible.

  • Transport – can you further streamline your transport and consider hybrid or electric company cars.

  • Waste – reduce, re-use and recycle. Get your printer cartridges re-filled, do away with disposable cups, digitalise all your communications and do away with paper. Is your packaging the most environmentally friendly option? For example, look at using compostable courier bags, New Zealand company Better Packaging offers a great range.

If you want to measure your carbon footprint there are tools available. Companies like Toitu Envirocare offer software and advisors to take you down the path of certification ENVIRONMENTAL PACKAGING SOFTWARE AND ADVISORS Use a local small business environmental advisor in your area to give you expert advice.



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