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The great NZ trust crackdown

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

New trust legislation in New Zealand will affect accountants as well as trustee clients, so it’s time to weigh the options.

  • Reforms to trusts laws in New Zealand are expected to trigger a reduction in the number of trusts.

  • Up until now trustees have enjoyed a high level of privacy, which will be challenged.

  • Many CAs act as co-trustees, and their obligations are increased under the new law.

Exiting clients from trusts to alternative

Bernard Mazur CA, the managing director of Auckland-based accounting and advisory firm Acudio, says he has been trying to exit clients from trusts for a long time as the usefulness of the structure has declined.

“We are at the coalface with smaller clients among whom these trusts are typically administered very poorly… but [previously] it has been possible to get away with it.”

If you would like Acudio to advise you on how to best restructure your existing trusts please



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