The world is changing rapidly. Globalisation is shrinking the planet, and technology has removed the barriers to entry for new businesses. Traditional companies must keep pace with this change or risk becoming obsolete and this is the catalyst for Acudio.


Our business has relevance at the forefront of our thinking. We must remain relevant to a new generation of clients. We must build products and services that are relevant to differing ways of working, and we must create a business model that is fluid, adaptable and secure.


We still do the things that need to get done in a traditional accounting sense, but the Acudio value comes with deep partnerships, the leverage of extensive networks, and a passion for the community we all earn a living from.

We know our partnerships are based on many years of accumulated trust. This trust is earned and refined by continuously putting our customers needs at the forefront of our thinking.

The Acudio team love what we do. We love being big enough to take on large Kiwi businesses, and equally we love being nimble enough to care about small businesses.

Our culture is based around constant innovation. We're up for challenging the status quo, and doing our part to support New Zealand Inc. through this next phase of growth.


Acudio is a high performing professional team. We take the time to understand our clients and what is important to them. As we contribute to their financial success, they welcome and value our advice and services.

We believe in building close relationships, excellent technical knowledge, open communication, continuous improvement, team work, constructive feedback, strong leadership, and genuine concern for all.

Our people are committed to this vision and take personal responsibility for outcomes. We understand that our clients must succeed, and the team must be fairly rewarded, for Acudio to be successful.








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